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Some of the other products we deal with are as below -

Expansion Pack

Expansion packs are used to take care of the expansion of refractories or any other material on heating. This acts as a filler in between the joints that have a cushioning behavior. We deal with many types of expansion packs as per application.  

Polystyrene Mould

Polystyrene’s predictable and uniform material shrinkage make it ideal for injection moulding, with a reduced warpage of plastic injection moulded parts, it enables the moulder and mould maker to be more precise when it comes to predicting final dimensions of the moulded part.

Polyethylene Strip

We deal with wide range of  polyethylene strip. Polyethylene (PE) foam strip can be supplied in a variety of grades including high or low densities as well as food grade variants.

Oil Paper

Oil Paper is specially formulated for use with oil-based media and requires no preparation before use. Since it is already sized, additional layers of acrylic product, Acrylic Gesso or Oil Ground can be used to reduce tooth or brush drag, but are not required to protect against oil absorption

Metallic Anchor

We  offer you a wide range of Metallic Anchors  to ensure the perfection in quality. Our product range of Metallic Anchors has established us a major supplier in India.

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