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DC Drives

“VULCAN” brand Drives have been serving the Industries since 1980 and have developed a reputation of its own class and Quality. Equipped with the most Latest Techniques, Designs & Materials these drives have found their positions in the International Markets as well. 

Chopper Controllers

“VULCAN” make brand Cho per controller Drives are specially engineered and indigenously designed to control the speed of Battery operated DC Series Motors with Mosfet technology.

Control Panels

“VULCAN” Make all type Panel – DC Panel, AC Panel, Relay Panel, Transformer Panel, PLC PANEL, INDUSTRIAL PANEL.

Electronic Generators- Inverters

“VULCAN” make Invertors (Electronic Generators) are application oriented Invertors, for conventional Tube lights, Fans etc., and are suitable for Homes, Shops, Offices etc., The Electronic Generators are totally noiseless & smokeless, and functions with externally connected Battery source.

Semi - Traction Motors

“VULCAN” make Semi-Traction motors are suitable for applications which demand a high starting torque. Semi-Traction motors are basically Series DC Motors . Common uses of the series motor include crane hoists, where large heavy loads will be raised and lowered and bridge and trolley drives on large overhead cranes. 

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